Imam Maps Out Conquest of Europe

Imam Mundhir Abdallah is of the Masjid Al-Faruq mosque in Copenhagen. He told his followers the establishment of a Muslim Caliphate lies in the total conquest of Europe. As well as the elimination of all Jews. Al-Faruq spoke on a video from 2017 that has just now been released.

The video was translated by Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). He says a Muslim Jihad must be waged against Europe. Much like it was before they conquered Al-Andalus, the Balkans, and Rome. Therefore to fulfill the promise of the Prophet Muhammad.

From Breitbart News

In the address, Imam Abdallah said that the Jews “are hastening their own annihilation by their rampaging, their filth, and their vileness, which reflect the immutable nature of the Jews.” He added he was “not a racist” but that this “has to do with the Jewish character and psyche, with that sick Jewish mentality.”

Last week, charges were brought against Imam Abdallah for hate speech, following MEMRI  translation of a Friday sermon in which he recited the anti-Semitic hadith about the Prophecy of the Rock and the Tree.

This is the first time charges have been brought in Denmark under a new criminal code.

On another occasion, Imam Abdallah insisted that as soon as Muslims regain power, they would “erase” and “obliterate” Israel and all the U.S. bases in the region.

For his part, Abdallah – who lives in Lebanon and has family in Denmark – has always claimed the charge of hate speech is a conspiracy and he is an entirely innocent party.

Abdallah says laws against hate speech are racist, so he is innocent.

Abdallah said: “Politicians in the West and the media never stop attacking Islam and Muslims. Their propaganda never stops. Muslims are the real victims, not others. Our women are being attacked, our mosques are being burned.”

By looking at Europe and the refugees whom they’ve accepted, I’d say that war has already begun.

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