Here’s a Sanctuary County Conservatives Can Love [VIDEO]

In Illinois, a county board passed a resolution making Effingham County a sanctuary county but it’s not what you think it is.

In fact it’s an ingenious idea and one the liberals cannot fight easily in court.Normally, sanctuary cities and states claim that they don’t have to bend to state or federal law and that they can do pretty much whatever they want to. So, exactly what did Effingham County make itself a sanctuary to? it’s a sanctuary county for gun owners.

The county will no longer recognize state laws on gun control. The beauty of it is if they can convince a judge why Effingham county can’t pick and choose what state laws they choose to obey, the same argument would have to work for sanctuaries for illegal aliens.

If this works out we can start some sanctuary cities for the First Amendment or counties that ban abortion clinics. This could be huge and we sort of excited about it.

From the Daily Caller

Leftists and snarky, coffee cup liberal reporters who have probably never shot a gun are melting over the idea. They’re also insulting Americans who support it. Apparently, those in favor of Second Amendment sanctuaries are off the rails.

One writer for the Chicago Tribune even said gun loving Americans should pack their bags and head to Effingham. Maybe we will! The Tribune writer even said anti-gun libs like him will “chip in and buy a nice fence to surround the whole county.”

Hey, if they build the fence, maybe the county will build sniper towers. How about we do the same with sanctuary cities for criminal illegals? We’ll just fence them in with all the thugs. I’m sure that would go well for all these unarmed wimps who think they can just hug it out with criminals.