Gillettes New Ad Puts Nike to Shame [VIDEOS]

Nike’s Colin Kaepernick’s ad was supposed to be inspirational, but it wasn’t. It was about a selfish millionaire that hates the country and the game that made him rich.

He cries about not playing in the NFL, but he turned down a contract with the Denver Broncos and he was about to get a contract from the Baltimore Ravens until his BLM girlfriend called the team’s star player an Uncle Tom and the team owner, a white supremacist and a slave owner. To no one’s surprise, the team rescinded their offer. All because the team owner and the players were close personal friends and business partners.

Here is the Nike ad:

But Gillette produced an actual feel-good story about a man who overcame personal tragedy to play NFL football. Seattle Seahawks linebacker Shaquem Griffin has only one hand, yet he plays linebacker in the NFL. And to make it sweeter for him, his brother, Shaquille plays on his team also

From the Conservative Tribune

Gillette, which makes shaving blades, released an ad touting the amazing story of one-handed Seattle Seahawks linebacker Shaquem Griffin. The ad shows a one-handed Griffin — who got a mention in the Kaepernick ad that lasted barely three seconds — growing up and trying to keep pace with his older brother Shaquill (who also plays for the Seahawks.)

“Your best never comes easy,” the ad reads. The ad shows Shaquem never making excuses or whining about the disadvantage of playing without a hand. Gillette also released a follow-up video showcasing the family affair that Shaquem’s career turned out to be.