Don Trump Jr Calls for Twitter to Ban Kathy Griffin for Doxing Teens

Twitter regularly bans conservatives for no reason at all. Well, they ban them for a reason. Conservatism. But, no matter how crazy leftists get, their accounts are bulletproof.

A case in point are the teenagers from Covington Catholic HS. By examining the full video of the situation, it becomes obvious that the teens were the victims not the aggressor, but still Hollywood liberals and dishonest pundits called for these kids to suffer various horrendous deaths, even after the debunking of the original charges.

Yet not one of them had their twitter accounts banned or even suspended.

Now, Donald Trump Jr is calling out Twitter and he wants Kathy Griffin banned for her attempt to dox these innocent teens, who are now receiving death threats by deranged Democrats.

Her actions placed these teens in danger, but Twitter doesn’t care. I no longer communicate on Twitter, having decided years ago that they are wholly owned by the DNC.

From The Washington Examiner

President Trump’s oldest son on Monday called out Twitter for allowing high-profile users to publicly shame minors involved in a weekend episode on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial that has gone viral.

Comedian Kathy Griffin, among others, tweeted out photos of students at Covington Catholic High School smiling and standing in front of a Native American man banging a drum during the Indigenous Peoples March.

“Name these kids. I want NAMES. Shame them,” Griffin tweeted Saturday. “If you think these fuckers wouldn’t dox you in a heartbeat, think again.”

Twitter followers quickly identified several students seen on video, leading to online threats and public shaming. The students have denied any malicious intent during the confrontation. Initial news reports fingered the high school students — in D.C. for Friday’s March for Life — but video that emerged later suggested the Native American man and others present helped instigate the episode.

“Conservatives have been banned from @Twitter for much less!” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted. “Attempting to dox minors is surely a violation of twitter policy?”

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