Democrats Cost Us Taxpayers $40 Billion to Avoid Spending $5.7 Billion on the Wall

Liberty Vittert, a statistician and member of the Royal Statistical Society, has estimated that the Democratic shut down of the government over the $5.7 billion dollars to be spent on a border wall to protect American citizens from copious amounts of drugs and criminals actually cost the country 7 times the amount the president was asking for.

These are the same Democrats who approved funding to build a wall in Jordan and a wall on the border between Mexico and Guatemala. But, I thought walls were ineffective and immoral.

Walls could not be immoral, otherwise Democrats would be for them.

From The Conservative Tribune

Liberty Vittert, a statistician and member of the Royal Statistical Society, estimated in a commentary piece for Fox News that the money lost to the shutdown could have funded the border wall seven times over.

Vittert, a visiting assistant professor at Washington University in St. Louis, wrote that some estimates for the daily cost of the shutdown range from $52 million to $360 million.

To break down the cost of the shutdown, Vittert first noted the cost of the furloughed federal workers, which she calculated to be about $4.3 billion.

This includes the money that the government workers didn’t receive during the shutdown and their resulting reduction in spending.

Vittert noted that about 380,000 federal employees didn’t work during the shutdown through no fault of their own. However, from the government’s point of view, it means wasted resources.

She cited a Standard & Poor’s report from 2017 that used data from previous shutdowns to estimate that a shutdown would cost the American economy $6.5 billion each week.

The bottom line is this. If you believe that Democrats really care for you, you are nothing short of delusional.

The only thing they care about is power and you are merely a pawn or a stumbling block depending on the situation.

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