DACA May Be On The Verge Of Collapse Thanks To 5th Circuit Judge

The DACA case has been handed over to 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Andrew Hanen. He will kill DACA. Of course, the open border crowd can appeal to the entire 5th Circuit Court. It’s the most conservative Circuit Court in America.

Then, it can be appealed to the Supreme Court. That won’t help either since the court when it was down to 8 members as it is now, voted 4-4 on DAPA. An identical program to DACA but for the parents of Dreamers. Judge Hanen had ruled DAPA was unconstitutional and it was upheld by SCOTUS.

Like DAPA, Judge Hanen is expected to place an injunction on DACA nationwide. Once that is done, he will hear arguments from both sides before ruling that DACA is unconstitutional. Because it grants benefits that can only be done through Congress and not an Executive Order. The suit is being headed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who also led the successful effort against DAPA.

From The Daily Caller

District Judge Andrew Hanen will preside over a hearing in a lawsuit brought by seven states against the federal government over DACA, the Obama-era program that shields younger illegal immigrants from deportation.

Led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, the lawsuit argues that DACA was an unconstitutional exercise of executive authority and asks for a nationwide injunction to halt the program. If Hanen grants the injunction, it would set the stage for him to make a ruling on the program’s constitutionality.

Hanen, a former President George W. Bush appointee, is widely known as an immigration hawk, and many legal observers expect him to issue the injunction. In previous rulings, Hanen blocked the Obama administration’s proposed expansion of DACA, as well as the creation of a similar amnesty for the illegal immigrant parents of children born in the U.S.

DACA will be just the latest part of the Obama legacy to be deleted from US history. Soon, no one will remember the Obama caliphate at all.