CNN’s Jim Acosta Pulls His Usual Antics Against President Trump

Jim Acosta pulled his usual antics at an overseas press conference for CNN and he began shouting out to Trump that he wanted to ask a question. Trump told him he wanted to take questions from real media outlets and then as if to put an explanation point on it, he called on John Roberts of Fox News. Acosta tried to claim that CNN was a real news organization, but no one including the president was buying that yarn.

“Trump in U.K. refuses pleas from CNN’s Acosta for question, “CNN is fake news, I don’t take questions from CNN…let’s go to a real network” … takes question from John Roberts of Fox News, Acosta: “Well we’re a real network too sir” – during joint briefing with PM Theresa May”

President Donald Trump refused pleas for a question from CNN’s Jim Acosta during Friday’s joint press conference in the U.K. with Prime Minister Theresa May.

It was President Trump’s turn to call on a reporter for a question when Acosta began shouting, “Since you attacked CNN can I ask you a question?” He continued to make pleas for a question as Trump called on John Roberts of Fox News.

“John Roberts, go ahead John,” said Trump over the continued shouts from Acosta. 

“Can I ask you a question,” Acosta continued.

“No, no,” said Trump.

“CNN is fake news. I don’t take questions- I don’t take questions from CNN. CNN is fake news. I don’t take questions from CNN,” Trump declared.

Trump has been on a verbal warpath of sorts with the mainstream media since announcing his bid for the Presidency. So far, at least in my opinion, he’s been right on the money more often than not when it comes to the sort of “light” the media shines on him. They have a huge bias against him.

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