California Demands That President Trump and Congress Apologize to Undocumented Immigrants

California…I want to say something to you and be aware that I am only saying this because I really truly care. Put down that crack pipe and back away slowly. Every day, other states get richer as your businesses move out of your state and into theirs.

Your high taxes are driving the biggest payers of taxes across state lines to friendlier confines. The idea that your legislature demands that the president and Congress apologize to these invaders is nothing short of insane. They can want in one hand and crap in the other and see which hand gets full the quickest.

From Breitbart News

State Senators Kevin de León, Richard Pan, and Scott Wiener authored the joint resolution that was scheduled for debate, and passed on Thursday. KPBS reported just three legislators opposed — Joel Anderson, Mike Morrell, and Jim Nielsen — while 29 approved it, and eight didn’t vote.

The California Senate resolution calls on Congress to specifically apologize to the children separated from the adult foreign nationals who illegally brought them across the U.S. border. It also petitions Congress and President Trump to acknowledge wrongdoing in separating illegal alien adults and children.

The resolution describes the policy of separating foreign nationals who have crossed the border illegally as “detrimental.” De León described the separations as “government-sanctioned kidnapping.”

The California Senate resolution used research from organizations including the American Psychiatric Association and American Academy of Pediatrics to make their case, stating the separations can cause children’s brains long-term harm, according to the report.

Why was this not a problem in 2013, when Barack Obama separated over 72,000 children from their parents? But Trump separating 3,000 is the end of the world. It’s just more of the same old crap we’ve come to expect of the party of no conscience.

What do you think? Are they on to something? Lol probably not.

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