Attacks Against ICE Agents On The Rise, According to DHS

Attacks on ICE agents by illegal aliens have greatly increased as the Democrats have attacked the agents, calling then Nazis and criminals. They assume that because Democrats have declared war on anyone preventing open borders, they are less likely to be prosecuted for attacking them, in my opinion.

That’s because they see themselves as the good guys that Democrats see them as versus the bad guys (ICE) that the left portrays them as. To make matters worse. liberal prosecutors are becoming more unlikely to press charges against those assaulting ICE and or Border Patrol officers. This is a total dereliction of duty.

From The Washington Times

The new numbers, reported by Homeland Security’s inspector general, could even be underselling the problem, investigators said, because the government doesn’t do a good job of tracking incidents, and agents and officers don’t always report them properly.

But the report does signal renewed danger particularly on the southwest border, where agents say a surge in illegal immigration in recent years generally correlates with growing violence.

Prosecutors, meanwhile, often refuse to bring charges or win cases against the perpetrators, the audit found.

At the border, the most frequent method of attack was projectiles — usually large rocks — which accounted for half of assaults. But bombs, clubs, knives, guns and even laser pointers to blind agents have all been used.

It is no coincidence that the number of assaults, which had been dropping since 2010, took a sudden upturn in 2017. Last year saw 48 assaults for every 10,000 apprehensions, the highest number this decade. Of course, you have to realize that decade included 8 years of Obama’s open borders and almost 2 years of enforcement of our laws by President Trump.