Anti-ICE Rep Deflects, Won’t Give Definitive Answer Regarding Deportations and DUIs

Democrat Rep. Mark Pocan, who introduced a bill to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), refused to answer a simple question. He was asked if he was for illegal aliens for DUIs. That’s a simple question and the fact that he didn’t answer it was an answer in itself.

Pocan deflected the question and began speaking about families being split up, but never once mentioned the fact that Obama did the same thing but in much much bigger numbers. 72,000 in 2013 alone. But splitting up families is perfectly acceptable as long as it’s a democrat doing it.

From The Daily Caller

Carlson said, “Let’s talk about that. You introduced a bill to get rid of ICE — even people who are concerned about it — I get it. Abolishing ICE seems radical and crazy, as you know, which is why a lot of Democrats are embarrassed by this decision. What would you do about illegals who get busted for DUI? There’s no ICE — do they get to stay? What happens, specifically?”

Pocan deflected immediately, saying, “Here’s the problem: ICE was created after 9/11 for domestic terrorism and major crimes. Right now, it sits sometimes in the parking lot in Beloit, Wisconsin. That’s not going after domestic terrorism; it’s being misused by the president. But the bottom line is, what we should take up tomorrow is a measure to guarantee those kids are returned to those parents. Remember, the president made this decree without any thought whatsoever, I’ve been down to the border, I’ve been down to the detention facilities …”

From Recent local press reports have detailed the harm that aliens who have entered illegally and driven drunk can do:

According to June 9, 2017, press reports, a car drove by Jose Acevedo in Auburn, Mass., “slammed into the back of a 2015 Subaru Outback causing injuries to two adults, including a mother who broke a vertebra, and two children ages 3 and 7 years old.” It was reported that Acevedo was driving at more than three times the legal limit for alcohol when that crash occurred and that he “later admitted to officers that he was in the United States illegally, coming here through Mexico through El Salvador, and to not having a driver’s license. Investigators said he’s been living in the U.S. illegally for 17 years.” Nor was this first arrest, according to the press: “Acevedo had been arrested on a warrant in Worcester for allegedly operating a car without a license” hours earlier.

On March 7, 2017, the Los Angeles Times reported that Estuardo Alvarado, who “has been removed from the U.S. and sent to Mexico five times since 1998, most recently in 2011,” was charged with “murder, vehicular manslaughter and driving while intoxicated charges in connection with” a crash that killed a mother of two in California. That article quotedthe victim’s sister (a Los Angeles Police officer) as stating: “It’s a great concern because this could have been prevented. … It’s sad and it’s unfortunate. It’s going to happen not just to my family but to other families.”

February 14, 2017, press reports out of Indiana state that: “Elizabeth Vargas-Hernandez, 35, [was] charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated causing death. She was also cited for operating a vehicle without ever receiving a driver’s license. “It was reported that she told police “that she has been living in the United States illegally for about four years and that is the reason she did not have identification,” and that ICE had placed a detainer on her.

Harmless traffic incident my arse.