AMAZING Abortion Reversal Pill Saves A Life! Every One Needs To See This!

I won’t pretend to know what’s going through the mind of a woman as she decides to end a life, I just won’t. It’s not something I will ever support, that much I do know.

What happens when she regrets her decision? What happens when she wants to take it back? In most cases, I guess, she can’t. It’s too late and the evil deed is done. Or so I thought…

Samantha decided to abort her 4th pregnancy by taking mifepristone pills. Mifepristone is used as one option to end a pregnancy with a 95% “success” rate within 50 days of the pregnancy. I had trouble typing that…

In the United States it costs more than US$200 (equivalent to $202.08 in 2016) a dose.

Hours after taking the pill, she had a change of heart and wanted to stop the abortion process and save her child’s life. She had already considered aborting the child twice before and during a visit to Abundant Hope Pregnancy Resource Center in Attleboro she learned that there was, in fact, a pill to reverse/stop the process.

I had no idea that was a thing and it makes writing the above so much easier.

As reported by Hank Barrien for The Daily Wire:

There were mystical signs pointing the way for Samantha; she canceled the first abortion appointment when she could not find childcare for her boys, and the second attempt was far more mystical. Sitting in the waiting room of an abortion business, she heard the nurse enter and call the name of another woman waiting for an abortion. However, as she sat in the waiting room, waiting for the staff to call her name, Samantha was shocked when the nurse came in and called for another woman: Giselle.

As Hobbs writes: “That was the name Samantha had picked out for her daughter, who she was just minutes away from aborting. ‘It was at that point, I felt like that was a sign of some sort, and I ended up just freaking out and leaving the appointment,’ Samantha said.”

Samantha credits Abundant Hope for her reversal, saying, “They gave me strength to not go through with that abortion — that horrifying thing that would have affected the rest of my life. It was just an ongoing struggle with what to do in my heart and my head. Abundant Hope has changed my life by being a good support system. When I don’t have anyone else to turn to, I give them a call — even if I just need to talk to them.”

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