“Activist” Accuses Kavanaugh Aide of Flashing Racist Sign But There’s One Major Problem

Amy Siskind, activist and alleged idiot, has accused Kavanaugh aide of flashing the white power sign and she claims it disqualifies Kavanaugh from being a Supreme Court justice. There is one major flaw in her theory. Zina Bash isn’t white. She is half Jewish and half Mexican.

Does Suskind believe that Bash was flashing the white power sign at herself? Actually, I am getting a good laugh at people like Siskind, Schumer and Kamala Harris, who all share the same brain, but the one talking never seems to have it at the time that they do. Evidently, someone must have pointed out the fact that Bash isn’t white because Siskind’s tweet has since been deleted.

From The Gateway Pundit

Democrats and protesters interrupted the process for the first half hour.
Screaming leftists continued to disrupt the hearing for several hours.

It was a liberal sideshow.
Then this happened– The left if sending around photos of GOP political operative Zina Bash sitting behind Judge Kavanaugh.

According to The Heavy — Zina Bash is a seasoned judicial and political mover in the nation’s capital. She has worked in D.C. since 2007, for Kavanaugh as well as Senator John Cornyn. In addition, Bash was a director on Ted Cruz’s ill-fated presidential campaign in 2016.

“Zina is one of the nicest humans on this earth. She is Hispanic, her mom is from Mexico, her dad is Jewish, and her grandparents are Holocaust survivors. This is simply unhinged.”

You don’t see many Jewish-Mexicans flash a white power sign. I’ve been white my entire life and I didn’t even know we had a symbol. Do we have a secret handshake, too? I hate being out of the loop.

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