Oregon-based “Abolish Ice” Protesters Get Called Out For Latest Unsavory Behavior

It never ceases to amaze me how leftists can be openly racist and it’s not a problem. Black and Hispanic police in Oregon are complaining about the racist epithets. Especially the ones being used against them on a daily basis.

Among other names, they have specifically used words against black and Mexican Americans. But also The Lion King is racist, peanut butter and jelly… you get my point.  One black police officer told the Oregonian that the agitators had been using racial epithets against him. And he’s not alone as other black officers all throughout the protests have stated similar experiences. People that live near the ICE building report they’re scared to walk outside after dark.

From Breitbart News

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler announced on Monday that the agitators, who last month blocked ICE agents from going to work (at least eight were arrested), had to clear out by midnight the next day. A sign at the front of the camp reportedly said, “any attempt to dismantle this community is a declaration of war.” But by Tuesday evening, about a dozen agitators reportedly remained, as most of the agitators disbanded.

Residents living near the area said the “Abolish ICE” agitators made them afraid to walk down the street, with one anonymous resident reportedly saying, “It’s very noisy, people are acting very threatening toward residents, there are actually people coming from the camp and they’re urinating on the building.”

Another resident who lives near the ICE field office reportedly added: “I think that this all started for children, but then I think it got lost with the violence, the threats of violence, just the yelling and the screaming, the use of children is just wrong.”

“City of Portland to begin taking down @OccupyICEPDX camp today. Sign out front on SW Bancroft St says “any attempt to dismantle this community is a declaration of war”. Person in mask peering over piece of wood from inside camp says more than several dozen campers are still here.”

“The City of Portland is planning to clear protesters from around the SW Portland ICE facility today. They’ve been camping there since June 17.”

I guess liberal racists are better than non-liberal racists.

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