A Mexican Smuggler Reveals Just How That Border Wall Will Affect His “Business”

A Mexican trafficker known only as “Alexis” says that he specializes in a very specific type of smuggling (humans) and admits that border walls do, indeed, mitigate illegal passages to other countries… though he did state that it would be good for his business (duh).

He elaborates, “Right now, I can’t imagine exactly how (a wall would be built) but I can tell you that it would be a lot harder if they build that wall,” Alexis says. “Really, because it’s already hard with the fence we have now. It’s difficult because, to start, not just any ordinary person who decides they want to scale it can do it. It requires skill to get up there. And to get down, oh man, one of two things can happen. You jump and if you’re athletic you can land OK, but if you’re not you can break a foot.”

“There will always be people who want to get across and there will always be people willing to help them. They want to reach their destination and we want to get them there to make some money.”

That will mean more money in his pocket.

“I can assure you prices will go up,” Alexis says. “I honestly can’t tell you by how much. I can’t say, ‘We’re charging $5,000 now and it’s going to go up to $10,000.’ But prices will increase.”


“Right now, I don’t have too many clients,” Alexis says. “I work with another person who gets more people. Every couple of days he’ll get new people.

Makes sense… he clearly makes his money getting people into the country, illegally, by means other than just crossing the border. That said… the border wall is still an important and HUGE step toward securing our nation. Let’s face it… once it’s done people like Alexis will charge more money and less people will manage to get through.

So what’s next? Well.. time to end these “coyotes”.