22-Year-Old Son of Fire Captain Killed by “Undocumented Person”

One of Nancy Pelosi’s and Chuck Schumer’s constituents, an illegal alien, set off a chain reaction car crash that killed the 22 year old son of a Knoxville Fire Captain, who was not being defended by Pelosi and Schumer because he is an American and that’s not who the Democrats are as a party.

The illegal alien,  Franco Cambrany Francisco-Eduardo, had no driver’s license or insurance , veered into the lane next to his, hitting Pierce Kennedy Corcoran, that then included two more cars. Corcoran was killed and his passenger was injured but is expected to live.

From The Daily Caller

A Knoxville Police Department press release reported the accident to be the result of a “chain reaction crash” involving two other vehicles. No one was injured in the other vehicles involved.

44-year-old Franco Cambrany Francisco-Eduardo, an illegal immigrant, was arrested and charged with criminally negligent homicide as well as having no driver’s license or proof of financial responsibility, according to the News Sentinel, and was jailed without bond pending ICE action. Tennessee is not a sanctuary state.

Tim Burchett, a newly-elected GOP representative who represents Tennessee’s 2nd congressional district, which covers Knoxville, called Corcoran’s death “tragic” and “entirely avoidable.”

“Based on the details released at this point, this situation underscores the need to fully enforce our existing immigration laws and strengthen and secure our border,” Burchett told the News Sentinel via email. “The bottom line is if the suspect hadn’t been in the country illegally, Pierce Corcoran would still be alive.”

Corcoran is just another of the many killed by illegal aliens every year. This will continue until Democrats are arrested. And why would they be arrested?

We could charge them for not registering as an agent for foreign interests like Mueller did to Paul Manafort.

It would be nice if Democrats would stand up for Americans, but they like illegal aliens. Americans, not so much.