Biden Admin’s Emergency Baby Formula Website Is Shockingly A Total Wreck

In standard internet slang, if a photo or video “breaks the internet,” then it usually means that the now-viral entity is extremely popular and well known all over the web. Unfortunately, this has not been the case when we speak about the Biden administration’s website that was set up for parents trying to find baby formula and state that it “broke the internet.” This new website is such a horrendous disaster that even CNN has been forced to speak badly about how horrible the website is and how it fails to even work as advertised on a basic level.

This past Friday, it was announced by then-White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed that the Department of Health and Human Sevices had set up and begun utilizing a new tool for parents that would try to make itself a way to give easy access guides for how to locate baby formula products while the country slogs its way through a shortage of the necessary ingredients to feed so many babies.

“We recognize that parents have a lot of questions,” stated Psaki to reporters this past Friday. CNN highlighted that the website was supposed to be a one-stop-shop for “resources and places that parents can go to obtain the formula, including contacts with companies, food banks (and) health care providers.”

However, when it was officially tested out, CNN was met with frustration and overtly long wait times just to get some service or answers.

“The exercise resulted in apologetic customer service representatives, one hold time that lasted well over an hour, and serious challenges in finding baby formula through some of the main suggestions listed on the new HHS website,” claimed the CNN report.

As an example, the government website shows a phone number for the consumer hotline for Abbott. When CNN attempted to call the listed number with questions, they were informed that the company refused to answer any questions over the phone.

The website from the government also directed people to the customer service line for Reckitt. The reporter was put on hold for a period of almost 72 minutes and ended up concluding that the “option could drive some anxious parents over the edge.”

Psaki highlighted the website as if it were the be-all and end-all solution for struggling families. Instead, it seems to be that the website was made for the sole purpose to provide easily discoverable contacts for companies.

In the same vein, those companies issued almost no insight into how they actually plan to get the baby formula in the meantime. The overall situation will end up leaving many parents feeling entirely helpless, as it is quite obvious neither the private sector nor the government is willing to take the lead for the whole ordeal.

As a recently new parent, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg stated that the problem is just out of the administration’s hands.

“The government does not make baby formula, nor should it. Companies make formula, and one of those companies — a company which, by the way, seems to have 40% market share — messed up and is unable to confirm that a plant, a major plant, is safe and free of contamination,” claimed Buttigieg this past Sunday. “So the most important thing to do right now, of course, is to get that plant in Michigan up and running safely.”

“A plant shutting down because a company can’t assure that it is physically safe from contamination is the responsibility of the company,” he went on. “The responsibility of the regulator is to ensure, as they take steps to get it ready, that it will in fact be safe when it comes back online.”

CBS went on to highlight that “Buttigieg said the administration has taken numerous steps to alleviate the scramble for parents, including creating more flexibility for the WIC program and exploring the importation of formula from abroad.”


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