A former NYC teacher and his twin brother were arrested for building bombs. They were discovered after a student the one brother was having an affair with called in a bomb threat to Harlem Prep where she attended school. The brothers, Christian and Tyler Toro paid students in the neighborhood of fifty dollars an hour …

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Any attempt at wholesale amnesty is as toxic as poison.

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The indictment s of 13 Russian trolls and three entities just about puts the finishing touches on dirty cop Robert Mueller’s investigation into collusion between Donald Trump and Russia. As Deputy Director Rod Rosenstein noted, the indictments of the Russians are a big nothing burger because no American cooperated knowingly with Russians and the trolling …

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They ain’t called the fruit and nut state for nothing.

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The country was shocked that the FBI had been warned about Nikolas Cruz contemplating shooting up a school back in September, but now face even more criticism after it was discovered they were warned about him a second time just one short month ago in January.  On January 5th, the FBI received a report that …

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