White House Vows Trump Won’t Be Afraid of Kim Like Obama Was

As President Trump gets set to meet with Kim Jong Un for the second time, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo says that President Trump will abandon the Obama policy of praying and cowering before the North Korean leader. What a nightmare for the Democrats.

They were sorely hoping that Trump would be as big a failure as Obama, Bush Jr and Obama were. But at the same time, Pompeo was careful to keep expectations low as negotiations have really just started and a breakthrough at this point would be doubtful. But, still, the fact that the two sides are meeting is a good sign.

From Fox News

Trump has predicted a “continuation of the progress” made during his first meeting with Kim in Singapore last June. During the Singapore summit, Kim said he was committed to the “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” which previously has meant the North would denuclearize only when the United States withdraws all its troops from South Korea and stops military drills with the ally.

In December, though, North Korea’s state media said it would never abandon its nuclear program unilaterally unless Washington first removes its nuclear threat.

Heading into this week’s summit, Trump has said that North Korea has not tested any nuclear weapons in months and that as long as that testing has ceased, he’s in no rush.

At a black-tie gathering of governors at the White House on Sunday evening, Trump said that he and Kim had “developed a very, very good relationship.”

“We see eye-to-eye, I believe, but you’ll be seeing it more and more over the next couple of days,” the president said. “I don’t want to rush anybody, I just don’t want testing. As long as there’s no testing, we’re happy.”