White House Meeting Shatters Liberal Narrative About Hispanics and Immigration

President Trump held a meeting on illegal immigration at the White House with Hispanic members of the clergy and they blew up the liberal narrative that closing the borders will cost you the Latino vote.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Not only did the clergy in attendance praise Trump’s efforts to stop illegal immigration, but they brought a letter signed by over 150 Hispanic pastors, praising Trump for his efforts and the fact that he has lowered Hispanic unemployment to 4%, the lowest it’s ever been along with rising wages.

Washington Times reports:

President Trump hosted a meeting at the White House on Friday with Hispanic pastors from around the nation who are attuned to the realities of illegal immigration in their cities.

They clearly supported Mr. Trump’s proposals on the issue. The representative clergy in attendance, in fact, brought a letter signed by 150 Hispanic evangelical leaders thanking the president for his leadership.

“We’re here to support you, Mr. President. You know, there’s a misconception in the public, thinking that our community is for illegal immigration. There’s a misconception also that we want open borders. And dealing with people every single day, I see that our community supports what you’re doing. We don’t want open borders,” Guillermo Maldonado, pastor of King Jesus Ministry in Miami, told the president.

“That misconception that Spanish people want open borders, they want no laws, that’s not true. We’re here to support you, and what you’re doing is great. The lowest unemployment for Spanish people — 4 percent — that’s incredible. We pray for you,” said Mr. Maldonado.

“The media gives a major misconception of the Hispanic community and the support that we have for you. I can emphatically say your values stand aligned with the Hispanic community. What you have seen in the polls is what they have seen — no matter what the media says. They see that your actions are aligned to their heart’s desire,” noted Lourdes Aguirre, president of Eres America, a Florida-based media group centered on faith-based programming.

Ms. Aguirre refers to a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, which revealed that 50 percent of Hispanics approve of the job Mr. Trump is doing, up 19 percentage points since December.

In addition, a new Florida Atlantic University survey found that 7-out-of-10 Hispanics says they are financially better off compared to a year ago, and expect the trend to continue.

“The message is getting to our Hispanic community — truck drivers in Los Angeles, you’ve got the Villareal names following you. The Gonzaleses. You’ve got Hispanics that are truly supportive,” Ms. Aguirre said.

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