White House Counsel Tells Democrats to Take a Flying Leap

Since the Russian collusion hoax is quickly running out of steam, the Democrats want to go on a massive witch hunt to find some reason to impeach President Trump.

They are having a major problem getting documents they are seeking and getting witnesses to come to Capital Hill to be grilled like a Porterhouse steak. So far the White House, Roger Stone and Michael Caputo have all said no. Caputo and Stone have testified to Congress before. White House counsel Pat Cipollone told Elijah Cummings, Adam Schiff and Eliot Engel to take a flying leap.

Democrats want transcripts of Trump’s conversations with Vladimir Putin. They are not entitled to it since foreign relations are assigned only yo the Executive branch, which President Trump runs.

From The Gateway Pundit

Cipollone argued, “It is settled law that the Constitution entrusts the conduct of foreign relations exclusively to the Executive Branch, as it makes the President “the sole organ of the federal government in the field of international relations.”

“With all respect, the Constitution assigns the President the role of charting the course of U.S. foreign policy and determining which diplomatic communications advance the national interest. Policy disagreements with the President’s decisions on those matters do not create a legislative right to review the President’s diplomatic communications with foreign leaders,” Cipollone wrote.

Read the entire, hard-hitting letter Pat Cipollone wrote to Reps. Schiff, Cummings and Engel here.

Top House Democrats were not happy with the White House and said they will be “consulting on appropriate next steps.”

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