What Do You Get When You Cross Antifa Bullies With People Fighting back?…Satisfaction, My Friends [VIDEO]

You never have seen this before and it may seem a little overdue to you, but remember that old saying, “Better late than never.”

Those little fascists in the organization known as Antifa, have had it all their own way up until now, but hopefully, after Friday that will all change.

A combined force of Portland police and agents from the DHS were protecting the local ICE office when the Antifa thugs began throwing things at them.

But, this time they didn’t hold back and take it Instead they fought back and we got to see how really cowardly Antifa really are. They ran like little schoolgirls.

From The Blaze

Amid Friday’s worldwide climate strike, our Antifa heroes in Portland, Oregon, reportedly used the occasion to see what kind of violence and mayhem they could get away with.

According to independent conservative journalist Andy Ngo, a group of Antifa members — per usual dressed in black with masks and hoods — threw rocks and other projectiles at officers protecting an ICE facility.

But while the violent leftists have enjoyed anonymity and a relatively free pass to hurt anyone or anything they please, this incident turned out a little differently.

The below clip shows what happens when bullies experience aggression tossed back in their faces. (Content warning: Language):


One leftist detractor in the clip was seen cursing out officers while — to his credit — not wearing a mask. The red-haired, white kid actually told a black officer, “F*** you, pig!”

Finally backed up to the street corner, he exclaimed from a safe distance, “DHS, you f***ing Gestapo piece of s**t!”

Another part of the clip showed a rather large Antifa member in handcuffs while officers searched him.

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