WH Insiders Are Expecting Two HIGH PROFILE Staff Cuts Today!

According to the Gateway Pundit, who spoke to highly placed sources in the White House, President Trump is not only firing two high ranking officials of his administration but he will be firing complete teams.

His patience for those who contradict his policies has worn completely out and he plans on bringing in allies who will compliment his policies the same way that Larry Kudlow will.

The two high ranking officials are Chief of Staff John Kelly and VA chief David Shulkin. Trump is tired of having people around him that think they are president.

John Kelly has run the White House in such a way that the president does not have access to anyone Gen Kelly doesn’t approve of/ Shulkin is gone because not only has he spent money lavishly but he is not getting the job done at the VA and that is a top priority for Trump.

Also, this is not the end of the shake-up. It’s just too difficult to fire everyone at once but the next person to go will likely be NSC chief H R Puffenstuff McMasters. Keep your eye on Jeff Sessions, too, especially if he allows Andrew McCabe to keep his nearly $2 million dollar pension.

From The Gateway Pundit

Our source explained that these moves will help put power back in the hands of the president: “Trump wants to take back control of his administration, that means more allies come in for the first time. Even the people who don’t end up getting fired, he’s looking for plan Bs on everybody at this point. I’m curious to see how Muller responds…”

When asked further about VA Secretary Shulkin, it seems that his failures and lavish use of taxpayer money for a European vacation is what finally set the president off:

“He was an Obama appointee, he had bipartisan support but then he got caught. Trump has this combination thing – if you’re embattled in scandal and failing him then you’re gone. Shulkin was not doing his job well and he was f***ing up generally.”

The press will bill this as chaos but in reality, it is relieving the chaos and will allow the president to concentrate on his agenda instead of having to fight a dozen mini presidents.

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