Watch Trey Gowdy Rip Peter Strzok a New One – That Stopped His Smirk

Trey Gowdy took Peter Strzok to school and once they got there, he ate his lunch. He laid one on Strzok that not even Ajax could take off. Gowdy was trying to quiz Strzok who wasn’t answering any of the committees’ questions. In his opening statement, Strzok made the absurd claim that he was not biased. Gowdy then proceeded to tear him apart. He laid out the many ways that his bias was on display for all to see.

From Townhall

In typical fashion Thursday, House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy did not mince words while questioning embattled FBI agent Peter Strzok during a joint hearing with the House Judiciary Committee. 

First, Gowdy slammed Strzok during his opening statement and defined him as a biased, selfish agent out for vengeance. 

Then when Strzok refused to answer questions, Gowdy went after him again and destroyed him with evidence…written by Strzok himself.

This is the second time Strzok has testified in front of the Committees. The first time came last week and was held behind closed doors. Strzok’s mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, will testify in a closed session tomorrow after refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena earlier this week. She is also expected to testify at a pubic hearing in the near future.

“GOWDY: “Do you remember how long it took for you to start talking about impeachment (of Trump) after Bob Mueller was appointed?” STRZOK: “I don’t, sir.” GOWDY: “One day.”

Strzok took the biggest fall since the Humpty Dumpty incident. Let’s hope these fellas do NOT ease up on these corrupt FBI agents. They may be the beginning of the end for the Deep State at play against Trump but I guess time will tell…

What do you think of Gowdy’s actions here? Do you think he was too soft?

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