Warren And Biden Support Taxpayer-Funded Transgender Surgery

Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden are after more of your hard-earned money.

They now want the government to pay for all sex-change operations. (Do you think Jim Acosta will use it to become a man?)

In Biden’s plan, it will be covered under Obamacare, which means your premiums will rise accordingly. Also tax probably be needed.

Also, hospitals and doctors cannot refuse to do sex-change operations, not even religious ones. I wonder if the people who hear these campaign promises realize that they will never happen.

The Republicans will hold the Senate and maybe the House and they can stop it even with just the Senate.

From The Daily Caller

Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren want American taxpayers to pay for transgender surgeries.

The 2020 candidates spoke at a LGBTQ forum GLAAD, the Advocate and the Cedar Rapids Gazette hosted in Iowa on Sept. 20, according to Vox. Both Biden and Warren touched on taxpayer-funded sex reassignment surgeries.

Biden promised to make transgender surgery legal under Obamacare. “It does cover the surgery. It does cover transgender people,” he said. “It does cover across the board. … Every LGBTQ person as well as anyone else should be able to have full health care without any limitations.”

“No doctor can deny you. No hospital can tell you can’t get the service,” the former vice president added. “It is simply against the law when I’m president.”

Warren also weighed in on whether she supports taxpayer-funded transgender surgery. The Gazette’s Lyz Lenz reminded Warren that the presidential candidate formerly did not support gender affirming surgery for transgender inmates. Warren said in 2012, “I have to say, I don’t think it’s a good use of taxpayer dollars.”

Lenz also said Warren changed her opinion on this issue in January. “You just said we have to get everyone on board. How do we even do that?” the moderator asked.

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