WaPo Slaps Down Dem Senators Over Claims of Lying

Both Dick Durbin and Patrick Leahy claim that during a past confirmation hearing, Brett Kavanaugh lied to the Senate. The accusations were so baseless that not even the WaPo could cover for them and ruled that they were to be the proud owners of a combined 5 Pinocchios.

“We continue to find more evidence that Judge Kavanaugh misled me and the Judiciary Committee under oath. I’m posting important documents that Senate Republicans didn’t want the American people to see. We deserve transparency about this nominee.”

“Time and again, Kavanaugh appears to have misled the Senate under oath,” Democratic Vermont Sen. Patrick J. Leahy wrote in a Sept. 13 op-ed.

But, did he lie. The allegations were made about testimony before the Senate in 2004 and 2006, surrounding his role on court recommendations and surveillance during the George W Bush administration. At those times Kavanaugh said that played a role but not the lead role in those matters.

From The Daily Caller

Both Kavanaugh and The White House reject the allegations that he was untruthful during his appeals court confirmation hearings. “Brett Kavanaugh was not involved in meetings or drafting of legal memoranda related to the terrorist surveillance program,” The White House said in a statement, according to WaPo.

“Durbin’s statement that there’s new evidence that Kavanaugh misled the Judiciary Committee … is worth Two Pinocchios,” WaPo determined. 

WaPo also fact-checked the claim that Kavanaugh was aware of and had a role in Bush’s NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program and determined the claim is false, giving it Three Pinocchios. Leahy is “throwing red meat out without much to back him up, and he gets Three Pinocchios for this one.”

I guess the Democrats figure that if they can’t catch him in a lie, they would just lie about him lying.

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