VOX Writer Proposes No Minimum Age for Voting

Pat Gray commented on an article from  VOX in which the writer thinks that not allowing kids to vote is voter suppression. And he isn’t setting any limits.

Babies can vote according to him. Imagine what kind of voter fraud Democrats could commit if that proposal became law. It would be sheer madness. I don’t even agree with lowering the voting age to sixteen. Sometimes I wonder why voting isn’t restricted to people 40 and over.

I know that is not reasonable, but they would be much more prepared to choose between candidates.  Gray called the article asinine.

From The Blaze

On Thursday’s episode of “Pat Gray Unleashed,” Pat and Keith discussed an opinion piece from Vox about getting rid of the voting age so that children can vote.

In this clip, a Vox article made the case that within the last year, encouraging strides had been made toward lowering the voting age to 16.

“In just over a year, American citizens will have a chance to cast their ballot for the next president,” the author began. “Except for the 75 million Americans barred by state and local laws from registering to vote, that is.”

“Are there really that many American citizens legally barred from voting? The answer is yes: our kids,” the piece stated.

The article went on to declare that the age restriction on voting rights should be abolished completely.

“Around the world, almost every country bars people under 18 from voting. The reasons vary — they won’t be informed enough, they don’t pay taxes yet, they can’t serve in the military yet, they tend too liberal, they tend too rebellious — but the rule persists, even in the face of a generation of passionate, smart, and informed teenage activists, and even as it becomes obvious that our current political system is failing our children,” the article argued.

Here are the four reasons given as cause to eliminate the voting age restriction:

  1. The whole concept of voting age is kinda unprincipled
  2. The case for democracy can’t rest on voters being rational, informed agents. Indeed, there’s a strong case for democracy that doesn’t.
  3. Voting as kids will turn young people into better citizens and likely increase participation their whole lives
  4. Kids have the same — or even a greater — stake in political issues that adults do
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