Video Shows Undocumented People at the Border Doing The Worst [VIDEO]

ABC has put together a video of children being abused as well as being scared out of their minds as they are shoved into the cold water and forced to go under the concertina wire. The kids are getting hung up in the wire at the water is at a chilly 55 degrees.

They are screaming and crying an no one seems to care or the are afraid of the human smugglers bringing the kids into the country.

ABC News’ Matt Gutman wrote:

“The blades of the concertina wire ensnare shirts and jackets of asylum seekers who are dunked into the 55-degree water, wading through the drainage ditch just yards from the San Juan del Rio Colorado border crossing. One cannot easily make out faces, only wet fists gripping the steel slats and the piercing screams of children. On the other side, U.S. Border Patrol agents are filming and shouting in Spanish, ‘Go back…don’t do this. Look at the child! Hey! Be careful with the child! Be careful with the child!’”

From Breitbart News

A spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection told the reporter that policy prevents U.S. officials from intervening. However, agents can be heard yelling “You’re going to traumatize this poor child. She’s crying. … if she crosses the child can drown.”

The children did not appear to be in any immediate danger before being forced into the terrifying situation by the adult migrants. Mexican police can be seen attempting to stop the abusive behavior as U.S. Border Patrol agents watched from the other side of the fence, paralyzed by regulations and policies prohibiting their intervention, ABC News reported.

Breitbart News reached out to Yuma Sector Border Patrol officials for a reaction to the video.

“Yuma Sector does not condone the activity seen in the video,” Yuma Sector Special Operations Supervisor Vinney Dulesky told Breitbart News on Tuesday. “We work extremely hard to ensure the safety of everyone to include those we apprehend.”

“While child endangerment laws are enforced by the state,” Dulesky explained, “the Border Patrol does and has worked with our local agencies and departments to bring justice to these types of offenses. Unfortunately, we are not in control of the responses or outcomes of those requests.”

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