United Nations Attempt To Put Trump On Blast Using Obama-era Numbers

Official White House Photo by Samantha Appleton

The UN issued a report attacking President Trump for the high poverty rate in the United States. Unfortunately for them, they were using the numbers from the Obama administration where there was an all-out assault on full-time jobs.

Of course, when you are only collecting part-time wages it’s hard to meet your full-time bills. Jobs have been created at a furious pace under President Trump and wages for the middle class that were stagnant under Obama have seen a significant rise. Consumer and business confidence is through the roof and the economy is expected to have risen by more than four percent in the second quarter. Obama never hit that number in his 32 quarters in the White House.

Reuters ran this fake news headline: America’s poor becoming more destitute under Trump: U.N. expert

Investors.com reported:

An uncritical Reuters headline says it all: “America’s poor becoming more destitute under Trump: U.N. expert”. The Hill’s equally blase headline: “UN poverty official: Trump exacerbating inequality.”

The report — really a first-person narrative — released earlier this month, ripped President Trump for his “contempt” and “hatred of the poor.”

The report cited 18.5 million Americans who live in extreme poverty, and massive U.S. defense spending at the expense of social programs.

Only one problem: As Chuck DeVore, vice president of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, points out, the data on which the study was based came from 2016.

That’s right, President Obama’s last year. So does that make it “fake news”?

Worse, the U.N. report uses misleading and “wildly inaccurate” Census data to bolster its claims of 18.5 million living in the U.S. under extreme poverty. The real level, as a separate study reveals, is “less than half that.”

The report is a distortion, little else. The fact is, unemployment at 3.8% is a 29-year low. Food stamp recipients in 2017 numbered 42.1 million, 2 million below Obama’s last year and the lowest since 2010.

Shouldn’t the DHS deport the UN as undesirable aliens? They do nothing for us other than to spend our tax dollars. We can live without them.