Twitter Users Go After Jill Biden After Insane Claims Concerning Baby Formula Crisis

A large group of Twitter users has chosen to go after Jill Biden in the wake of her claiming that Old Uncle Joe and his team have been “working around the clock”  to try and deal with the shortages in baby formula that have been hurting the nation.

Jill Biden made these comments via a joint public service announcement alongside Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy that was made public early Tuesday morning.

“Becoming a mom or dad means falling in love deeper than you ever thought possible and in those first few months of sleepless nights, of endless diapers and dirty dishes and worrying about every little danger, your love can feel like the only thing that keeps you going,” claimed the First Lady. “It’s hard.”

“But when that tiny hand takes your finger, you know that it’s worth everything,” she exclaimed the wife of the man who has been a vocal supporter of Roe v. Wade. “I want you to know that you’re doing an incredible job—even if you don’t always feel that way,” she claimed.

“And I know you are worried about how you are going to feed your baby. The president sees you and he hears you, and his team is working around the clock to get you what you need,” she lauded.

“You should know that the president has been working tirelessly to increase the supply,” stated Murthy in agreement.

Twitter was extremely harsh in their reactions all over social media towards the message from Jill Biden by responding with comments such as:

What a load of crap. Basically you’re saying, if your baby can hang on for however long, you may have formula produced in another country? This message shares ZERO about help from the shortage. Babies cannot go without it.

Formula should of already been on the shelves! And quit talking to the American people like they are little children

Hey @DrBiden @FLOTUS THEY NEED FORMULA NOT WORDS. \So please take action and get them #formula NOW!!’

Oh please. There’s no formula. Babies are hungry!

WTAF does that have to do with infant formula TROLL?

Something is very wrong with Jill Biden. She knows the awful condition of her husband and does nothing. Baby formula shortages don’t bother her either? #HeartlessPeople.

Aww how sweet. The solution is for moms to shut up about it and beg for samples from the doctors. When you can’t keep food for babies this admin has totally failed. Biden should resign.

The illegals get all of our formula but American citizens have to rely on Biden’s scraps? You people are the enemy within.


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