Trump’s Tough Dealing With Other Countries Pays Off

Past administrations just accepted it when countries we have supported in one way or another refused to take the criminals we wanted to deport. Their records were abysmal.

President Trump just told those countries that we would no longer approve any passports from those countries to the United States. .But, after dealing with milksops Obama and Bush number two, they figured we would fold up and give in. When it became apparent that we would not give in, they capitulated and started taking their problem citizens back. The Democrats should take notice.

Trump kept up the pressure on those countries for two years, so don’t expect him to fold up his tent and give in.

From The Conservative Tribune

A report from The Washington Times is highlighting how the president’s policies have put pressure on previously “deadbeat” countries, which previously did almost nothing to take back lawbreaking migrants hiding out in America.

“Sierra Leone for years had thumbed its nose at U.S. officials, slow-walking deportations so badly that it earned its way onto Homeland Security’s ‘recalcitrant country’ naughty list,” The Times explained.

“Over the last two years of the Obama administration, Sierra Leone took back just 21 deportees,” the newspaper reported. But now? “44 deportees (were) sent back that year, and 79 shipped back in fiscal 2018.”

So what changed? True to his word, President Donald Trump used the power of diplomatic sanctions to put pressure on nations like Sierra Leone. Call it a carrot-and-stick approach.

Bush and Obama could have done the same thing but they didn’t. That’s the difference between them and a real leader.

“Long-time deadbeats such as Cuba, China and Vietnam are taking back hundreds more people, even though they remain on the naughty list,” reported the newspaper. “Guinea earned its way off the list by increasing its acceptance of deportees by more than 1,200 percent from 2016 to 2018, while Eritrea went from 13 deportees in Mr. Obama’s final year to 62 last year.”