Trump’s Polling Numbers for SOTU are Off the Charts Amazing!

The polling numbers for President Trump’s SOTU speech are off the chart and Democrats are not happy campers today. The overall approval ratings is a resounding 76% and his ideas on immigration are 72%.

That is not the results the media and the Democrats were expecting. 59% viewed the president’s speech as “very positive” Even Never Trumper, Peggy Noonan had high praise for the president’s SOTU message.

She said that the president very articulated his various points on legal and illegal immigration. Probably the most remembered part of the speech is when he said that the United States will never be socialist and that we were born free and we would die free.

From The Gateway Pundit 

CBS News and CNN released instant polls taken immediately after President Trump’s State of the Union address with both polls finding 76 percent of those who watched approved of the speech. The CBS poll 72 percent approved of Trump’s immigration proposals while the CNN poll showed 76 percent approval with 59 percent “very positive.”

UPDATE: CBS provided approval by party ID: Republicans 97%, Democrats 30% and Independents 82%.

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