Trump’s Latest Deal With Mexico Saves Us So Much Money, We May Be Able To Build The Wall!

The new trade deal with Mexico will save this country tens of billions of dollars over the next several years, if not hundreds of billions. More than enough to pay for the wall. Maybe it’s not the way you expected it, but Mexico is definitely paying for the wall.

President Trump’s biggest promise has been fulfilled. The Democrats and the media will never admit it and no doubt, they will spin the deal with Mexico as a bad thing. They will never admit that Trump is capable of doing great things. But he does them anyway.

From Wayne Allen Root Via The Gateway Pundit:

That was all before President Trump announced a United States-Mexico trade agreement. Because Trump talked tough and never gave in, US workers will benefit. US carmakers will benefit. US manufacturers will benefit. US taxpayers will benefit. Trump did it. He won. We all won. Trump announced he will terminate NAFTA.

While we don’t know all the details yet, I guarantee this new trade deal will save us tens of billions, perhaps hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade. Since the wall with Mexico costs about $25 billion, Trump just forced Mexico (whether they know it, or not) to pay for the wall. Once again, Trump accomplished what establishment politicians of both parties said could never be done.

But with Donald J. Trump there are no such words as “never” or “impossible.” Trump has chutzpah. Trump has cajones. Trump aims for the moon. Trump is combative and aggressive. Trump is driven to do what others say cannot be done. Trump is an eternal optimist. He accepts nothing less #WINNING. I call those traits “The Trump Rules.” He proves they work every day!

President Trump is all about winning and he is the hardest working president I’ve ever seen. And now, Mexico can build our wall.