Trump to DOJ: “You Release McCabe Texts or I Will”

President Trump is getting very impatient with Rod Rosenstein and the DOJ. They keep withholding exculpatory evidence and covering up the massive abuse by the FBI and the DOJ.  But, it looks like President Trump may become the solution by saying that he will act on his own and declassify the texts.

The president can declassify any document he pleases. Although I support him releasing the texts, I would really like to see the FISA applications released because, by all accounts, the Mueller witch hunt would be over tomorrow. It has become obvious that neither the FBI nor the DOJ plan on releasing anything that clears Trump’s name.

From Breitbart News

Trump commented on the ongoing FBI investigation after Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton said his organization was preparing to file a lawsuit over the text messages.

“The FBI doesn’t want to turn over one text message to us. They don’t want to even look at them,” Fitton said during an appearance on Fox News with Jeanine Pirro, who was guest hosting the Hannity show on Friday night.

The Deep State is using these redactions, not to protect national security but to cover the arses of the criminal left. The president needs to step up, especially with documents, the House GOP know about but by law can’t divulge to the public.

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