Trump Hits back on Omarosa…That’s Gonna Leave a Mark [VIDEO]

President Trump came out to address the false claims being made by Omarosa, pulling no punches. Manigault has accused the president of using the “N” word multiple times and offered three witnesses. All who claim she is lying.

Including Lynne Patton, (a black woman who has worked for Trump for many years) Bill Pruitt, (former producer of The Apprentice) and finally Frank Luntz (who has been a NeverTrumper from the beginning).

They all claim they never told her any such thing. in fact, Luntz did not speak to Manigault at all.

So on Monday, President Trump decided to address the accusation himself:

Not surprisingly, the lamestream press who wouldn’t give Omarosa the time of day while she was singing the praises of Donald Trump and testified that he is not a racist is suddenly the paragon of virtue and credibility.