True the Vote Finally Triumphs Over the IRS

It’s been a long time coming but the organization, True the Vote has beaten the IRS in court and the judge blasted them into next week over their corrupt conduct. The IRS was ordered to pay the $1.9 million in legal fees because of their bad faith and political bias.

The battle they had with the IRS began right after Barack Obama weaponized the IRS in order to stop conservative groups from achieving tax free status.

The battle lasted nearly a decade and they are grateful that the war has been won without the major cost of their legal fees weighing on the group.

From Breitbart News

U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton ruled in favor of True the Vote in the case, and penalized the IRS for forcing the tax agency to pay maximum attorney’s fees due to the IRS’s discrimination against the conservative organization that stemmed from the Lois Lerner scandal during the Barack Obama administration all the way back in 2010.

In addition to signing a 2018 consent order that included an IRS admission of wrongdoing, Judge Walton ruled last week that True the Vote was entitled to a “bad faith enhancement” to its requested attorney’s fees.

In his opinion, Judge Walton wrote that there is “clear and convincing evidence necessary for a finding of bad faith on the part of” the IRS. As such, while the exact amount is still being worked out, True the Vote has requested the recoveryof $1.9 million in attorney’s fees from the decades-long court battle.

“The conduct of the IRS and the government was nothing short of shocking,” Brock Akers of the Akers Firm, one of True the Vote’s attorneys, said in the release. “This ruling ought to reflect a collective sigh of relief from everyone that the judicial system really can be turned to for a just end to this nightmare. Check one in favor of Justice v. Swamp.”