Top Official at Major College Resigns Over Tweet Calling GOP as Party of ‘Neo-Nazis,’ ‘KKK’

Mike Mullen North Carolina State University’s dean for academic and student affairs has resigned his post for a tweet calling GOP party of Neo-Nazis and the KKK.

He must have failed history.

The Democrats are through a party of the KKK and American sympathizers for the Nazi regime were liberal Democrats. He will continue to be a professor at the university.

He should be fired instead or have all state and federal funding yanked from the college.

That would include the ability to accept Pell Grants and student loans guaranteed by the federal government.

If the university wants to keep the lying bigot, that’s their choice but taxpayer dollars should not be subsidizing them.

From The Blaze

While the resignation announcement didn’t include a reason, the paper said it came hours after N.C. State senior Luke Stancil wrote about that tweet — and others — in a story for The College Fix.

A tweet from April 15, 2018 — according to screenshots critics shared, the News & Observer said — replied to conservative activist Charlie Kirk saying “now the GOP is the party of the NRA, neo-Nazis, the KKK, and all manner of alt-right crazies. You have betrayed your history.”


“It’s hypocritical for him to preach for an inclusive environment and also to effectively call students who are Republicans neo-Nazis and members of the Klan,” Stancil wrote. “His intention may not have been to alienate conservative students, but it is the result of his actions. I certainly feel this way.”

Mullen — who earns an annual salary of $283,206 — is a professor in the university’s crop sciences department and didn’t respond to requests for comment Thursday, the paper said.

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