Three Key Senate Races are Listed as Dead Heats

The battle for the Senate rages on. There is no doubt that Republicans will retain control of the Senate, the question is by how much. Fortunately, a lot of the RINOs retired and so, there is little chance that Democrats can block anything, but of course, the larger the margin, the better.

Three races, in particular, are in the unknown category.  Florida, Arizona and Indiana are all considered too close to call. In Florida, Rick Scott is showing a very small lead as does Braun in Indiana and McSally in Arizona. A sweep in these three states could mean a 55-45 split in the Senate in the next term.

From The Daily Caller

“We have all the momentum in the final nine days because Hoosiers are ready for solutions, not more of the same from politicians who’ll say anything to get elected,” Braun said Sunday on Twitter, celebrating the CBS poll.

Braun has also cited the “Kavanaugh effect” for his recent poll surge — he is not the only Republican candidate to enjoy better numbers after Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation brawl.

Scott, the GOP governor of Florida, also appears to have momentum in his direction. A Gravis Marketing poll conducted between Oct. 22 and 23 showed him trailing Nelson by 4 percentage points. However, Scott and Nelson are now at a dead heat. Many respondents in the CBS survey gave the outgoing governor positive marks for his response to Hurricane Michael, which smashed the state’s panhandle region.

There is at least one possible surprise in a race that everyone thought was a safe Democratic seat and that is in New Jersey. With as many undecideds as there are in polling, it’s anyone’s race.

A second seat is possible in Michigan where the Republican candidate has closed the gap down to just 6 points, or about the margin of victory predicted for Hillary in Michigan in 2016. She lost that state.

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