The NYT Predicted This Man Would Be a Great President in 1984

Everyone has an opinion on everything whether they want to admit it or not. In 1984, the New York Times published an article saying that this businessman would make great president. Of course the man was not interested in politics at that time and he never ran. But, in 2015, this businessman decided the country needed someone like him to run the country and so he tossed his hat in the ring. You would think the New York Times would be happy but they aren’t. At the time the businessman was a Democrat and today President Trump is governing like a conservative Republican and apparently that makes all the difference in the world.

From The Political Insider

“Our company has given up trying to negotiate costs with him,” the head of a construction company explains. “We just say: ‘Tell us what you want, you’re going to get it anyway.’”

The column then shifts to how this ability might translate on the biggest stage – negotiating with hostile countries as leader of the free world. The country they bring up at that time in Syria, but the task at hand remains the same, and the Times clearly believes he has the ability to become the negotiator-in-chief.

While some believed that these were the dreams and optimism of a naive Trump, the newspaper surmises that “through years of making his views known and through supporting candidates who share his views, it could someday happen.”

Fortunately, it did happen. And the United States, along with the rest of the world, is a better place for it.


The New York Times now hates Donald Trump with a passion but they were right about one thing, he has made a great president.

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