The Naperville Nurse, Running for the House, Has Never Been a Nurse

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A Democrat running for the House of representatives is billing herself as the Nurse of Naperville. One small problem. She isn’t a nurse and has never been one.

She did go to school to be a nurse, but while her classmates worked in hospitals during their summer vacation, Lauren Underwood went to Washington and worked as an intern in the office of then Senator, Barack Obama. She is being pushed by Good Morning America, a left-wing group, masquerading as a television program. The last thing Congress needs is another Obama sycophant.

Via The Kane County Reporter:

In college, congressional candidate Lauren Underwood studied to be a nurse.

Not that she ever aspired to work with actual patients.

Her University of Michigan classmates spent their summers working at hospitals, assisting doctors and learning on the job. But Underwood headed to Washington, D.C., instead, to intern for then-U.S. Senator Barack Obama.

“ICU (intensive care unit) or mother-baby, like that just wasn’t my interest,” she told former Obama campaign staffer turned podcaster Ravi Gupta on his show, “The Arena,” back in April. “I always knew that this policy space was where I would land.”

The 32-year old Democrat challenging U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren (R-Plano) has been widely described as the “Naperville nurse running for Congress.”

But she just moved back to her native Naperville last year. And while she’s registered to practice nursing, she never has, in Illinois, nor anywhere else.

According to her Linkedin page, Underwood’s first job out of school in 2010 was with the Obama Administration working on Obamacare’s roll-out. She says she was “preparing memos and briefing materials” for Kathleen Sebelius, the then-U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services.

She is running for the seat in the 14th District of Illinois.