Texas Speaker Apologizes for Trash Talking His Fellow Republicans.

Speaker Dennis Bonnen, a Republican, admitted to trash-talking his fellow Republicans in a recent interview.

Bonnen admitted to trash-talking fellow Republicans in Tuesday’s email but he didn’t say who he bad mouthed or what he said.

He sent out letters to all 149 members of the state House, apologizing for his remarks.

It was suggested that he made a deal that he would grant press credentials in exchange for the targeting of 10 Republican House members just before the primaries.

The names on the list have not been disclosed but State Rep. Tan Parker, a Republican, who is on the list said that he has heard the audio and confirmed the existence and confirmed that there was such a list.

From Fox News


Sullivan, the CEO of Empower Texans, a conservative non-profit focused on promoting free-market principles in the state, claimed that Bonnen and Burrows spoke about offering his organization House media credentials in exchange for making attacks against a “hit list” of 10 Republican House members they wanted to target before the 2020 primary election, the Texas Tribune reported.

Bonnen admitted to trash-talking fellow Republicans in Tuesday’s email but did not mention the alleged list. He previously denied the existence of the list and demanded Sullivan make the full recording public. Meanwhile, Sullivan has privately played the tape to several House Republicans, the report said.

State Rep. Tan Parker, a Republican on the alleged list, said that he listened to the secret recording and can confirm that Bonnen and Burrows “did engage in targeting specific members of the Republican Caucus.”

“I find this reckless ambition to be absolutely disgusting. Their actions directly contradict the bylaws and culture of our Caucus. The disparaging commentary that was also heard was the epitome of disrespect and a clear attack on the values of the Republican Party and the integrity we have established in the Texas House,” Parker said.