Swedish Professor Says to Eat Human Flesh to Combat Global Warming

Magnus Söderlund, a Swedish professor and behavioral scientist is promoting mass genocide by recommending the eating of human flesh to combat global warming. Who will be on the menu tonight? “Honey, please pass the Ralph.”

Who will make that decision and will the humans be humanely euthanized without the use of chemicals that might taint the meat? If this sounds ridiculous to you, I assure you that you are eight. Soderlund also discussed eating pets and bugs.

The new dishes could include filly mignon and dung beetle casserole and chicken poodle soup. How scary is it that numbskulls like this are allowed to teach our children?

From The Gateway Pundit

The Democrats here back at home want to ban plastic straws, hamburgers, cars, incandescent light bulbs and factory farming because we only have 11 years left…maybe.

But Magnus Söderlund, a Swedish professor and behavioral scientist took Bernie Sanders’ fantasy of mass global genocide to another level: cannibalism. Eat human flesh to save the world.

The Epoch Times reported:

At a summit for food of the future (the climate-ravaged future) called Gastro Summit, in Stockholm Sept 3-4, a professor held a powerpoint presentation asserting that we must “awaken the idea” of eating human flesh in the future, as a way of combatting the effects of climate change.

In a talk titled “Can you Imagine Eating Human Flesh?” behavioral scientist and marketing strategist Magnus Söderlund from “Handelshögskolan” (College of Commerce) argues for the breaking down of the ancient taboos against desecrating the human corpse and eating human flesh.

He refers to the taboos against it as “conservative,” and discusses people’s resistance to it as a problem that could be overcome, little by little, beginning with persuading people to just taste it. He can be seen in his video presentation and on State Swedish Television channel TV4 saying that since food sources will be scarce in the future, people must be introduced to eating things they have thus far considered disgusting–among them, human flesh.

Easier sells he suggests include: pets and insects. But human flesh was the central topic. In Swedish articles describing this new debate, the term “mannisko-kötts branschen” is introduced. This means “the human flesh industry.”

According to the Epoch Times, 8% of attendees to the Gastro Summit admitted they are open to eating human flesh.

Söderlund said that he’s opening to tasting human flesh because he doesn’t want to appear “overly conservative.”

Cannibalism is morally wrong and can lead to an epidemic of disease, but the left will do anything to push the climate change cult onto the masses.

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