Study into Biden’s Public Option Could Close Half of all Rural Hospitals

A study for Partnership for America’s Health Care Future and conducted by Navigant Consulting found that Joe Biden’s public option could lead to the closure of half of all rural hospitals, the only advanced care many remote areas have, would be forced to close because they cannot compete with the public option.

Should that happen, people could die for lack of timely care.

Private healthcare companies would never be able to compete with a public option that uses taxpayer money to lower the cost.

This plan is as well thought out as Obamacare was and you know what a disaster that was.

From Breitbart News

The Navigant Consulting study finds that having millions of Americans switch from their private insurance plan to the public option plan, the public option would pay hospitals at Medicare rates, which is typically lower than private insurance, and cut rural hospitals’ revenues between $4.2 billion and $25.6 billion.

The study found that as many as 55 percent of rural hospitals, or 1,037 hospitals across 46 states, could become at risk of closure from a public option. The closure of those rural hospitals represents more than 63,000 staffed beds and 420,000 employees.

Even if rural hospitals were not to close as the result of the creation of a public option, the study finds that the public option could negatively impact access to and quality of care through elimination of rural hospitals’ services and reduction of clinical and administrative staff and cripple the rural communities the hospitals serve.

To make matters worse for public option supporters, the study suggested that to prevent hospitals from closing under the public option system, Medicare would have to increase payments to hospitals between 40 to 60 percent above Medicare rates, which could cost between $4 and 25 billion annually depending on how many employers move employees onto the public option.

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