State Dept. Ramps Up Probe into Clinton Email Server

The State Department has escalated its investigation into Hillary’s illegal server.

The Washington Post is reporting that up to 30 people have been contacted by the State Department and told that their communications sent to the Clinton server made them culpable and that there are many instances where communications were falsely lowered to avoid the appearance of the server was used for classified information, which of course we already know it was.

James Comey recommended that Hillary not be charged with a crime in keeping with his dirty cop image. Clinton loyalists are calling it a witch hunt even though there is ample evidence that China has all of her emails and the classified material that it contained.

From The Hill

The State Department reportedly intensified a probe into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton‘s private email server, contacting dozens of former aides involved in email exchanges that passed through her server.

The Washington Post reported Saturday that as many as 130 former Clinton aides have been contacted by State Department investigators in recent weeks, with many being informed that they have been found “culpable” for transmitting information that should have been classified at a higher level than it was originally sent.

Former Obama administration officials described the probe to the Post as an extraordinary investigation fueled by political animosity.

But current officials speaking on the condition of anonymity told the newspaper that the probe was structured to avoid the appearance of political bias.

“This has nothing to do with who is in the White House,” the official said. “This is about the time it took to go through millions of emails, which is about 3½ years.”

“The process is set up in a manner to completely avoid any appearance of political bias,” another official told the Post.

Former officials involved in the probe described it as a political vendetta, with one telling the Post it was an “abuse of power” by the Trump administration.

“It is such an obscene abuse of power and time involving so many people for so many years,” they said. “This has just sucked up people’s lives for years and years.”

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