Senator Grassley Demands Answers From FBI Regarding Raid on Whistleblower’s House

Sen Grassley is not a happy camper. For some time it has been apparent that the Obama administration and the Deep State violates the Whistleblower Act, which prevents whistleblowers to be harassed.

The latest example is the raid on the home of whistleblower, Dennis Cain. Cain was certified as a whistleblower by Michael Horowitz, the IG of the DOJ, after he turned over documents from the Clinton Foundation that dealt with the Uranium One deal, that incriminates Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.

When the FBI showed up at Cain’s house, he explained that he was a whistleblower and was protected by that law. They ignored him and spent 6 hours searching his home.

From The Daily Caller

Cain told the special agent leading the raid that he was protected as a whistleblower, but the agent still ordered 15 additional agents to raid Cain’s home, according to Socarras. The agents searched for six hours while Cain, terrified, sat in the living room.

Cain meticulously followed government procedures for whistleblowers under the act by handing the classified documents over to the IG, according to Socarras. Horowitz sent a top-level official to personally hand-deliver them to the Senate and House intelligence committee.

Grassley in his letter, which also cites TheDCNF’s reporting, asked Wray if “the FBI consider[s] Mr. Cain’s disclosures to be protected.”

The whistleblower act protects federal employees who disclose classified documents to the proper authorities, which includes the IG.

Grassley is demanding to see the search warrant and all related documents pertaining to the raid. He also wants to know if Director Wray knew he was a protected whistleblower at the time of the raid.

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