School Officials Complain as Trump’s Migration Reforms Redirect Funds to American Children

School officials across the nation have been triggered by the new directives that allocate less money for illegal aliens and directs it to American children instead. How dare they? Are we not our illegal alien’s keeper?

It seems patently unfair for US tax dollars to go to American children over those who have no legal right to be here. You can chalk this up as another win for President Trump. Allocation of money is determined by the number of parents who sign up for welfare programs.

Trump has declared that illegals should not be getting welfare, so they are afraid that by signing up, they will be exposed.

From Breitbart News

Federal funding for Baltimore’s John Ruhrah Elementary/Middle School has declined because many adults migrants are refusing to enroll in federal anti-poverty welfare programs, the New York Times reported June 16. The migrants are avoiding the welfare programs because of fear they will get deportation notices instead of green cards:

The southeast Baltimore school lost more than $240,000 for the next school year after it was dropped from a federal anti-poverty program, called Title I, which doles out billions of dollars to the country’s poorest schools. That loss is a fraction of its $4.8 million budget for next year, but the money covered three staff positions and kept class sizes in the 30s. The Title I status also attracted teachers, who were eligible for tuition grants from the federal government for teaching poor children.

In this cash-short school district here, official poverty rates in at least a dozen schools serving high populations of English-language learners have plummeted in the last four years, while the material well-being of many of those students has not really changed.

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