Saved in America Founder: Open Border Helps Cartel Sex-Traffickers Abduct Our Children

Joseph Travers, founder of Saved in America says that the Democrats’ policy of wide-open borders makes it much easier for cartel sex traffickers to abduct children and subject them to the heinous life of sex slaves.

It’s an experience most children will never recover from. That is if they survive. Saved in America is comprised of former military and police that work with authorities to save children from the traffickers. Travers says that secure borders are humanitarian because it keeps kids safer.

In many cases, the cartels capture young girls in the United States and they are doped up and taken to Mexico and put to work in prostitution.

From Breitbart News 

Human trafficking — including child sex-trafficking — is a criminal enterprise dominated by transnational drug cartels, Travers said. He recalled his organization’s role in assisting the recovery of a 14-year-old American girl in Mexico who had been abducted by a Mexican gang member and smuggled across the southern border.

“A 29-year-old gang member affiliated with the Mexican mafia got ahold of [the 14-year-old American girl] and her social networking through one of her friends and saw that the young girl was posting [about] her problems,” Travers said. “[He] befriended her, unbeknownst to [her] mom, and this person lured her.  [He] told her, ‘You need to come with me. I’ll take care of you,’ and [made] all these promises … and [spoke of] how much affection he had for her. So one day the mom went to go take the 14-year-old to school, the window was open, and she was gone. He had plied her up with drugs and taken her down to Mexico, and we had to find her in Mexico and coordinate her rescue, and now he’s in jail.”

Travers linked his professional background as a Los Angeles police officer to his decision to found Saved in America.

“My background is obviously police investigation and private investigation,” Travers said.  “The motivation for us to do this is, as the founder, I was listening to [the story of a] young girl named Brittanee Drexel from upstate New York that went missing, and I was wondering, ‘What happened?’ and I knew from working narcotics in Los Angeles that there formed what we’ll call an evil triad of street gang members, prison gang members, and the cartel that took over the narcotics-trafficking trade in this country.”

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