San Juan Mayor Under Fire After Relief Supplies Were Found Rotting a Parking Lot

The anti-Trump mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto, is under fire. As she should be after her display of ‘outrage of the lack of reliefs – and what she did with those supplies.

Crucial emergency supplies were left in a parking lot to rot feeding rats and lizards.

1,200 people died during Hurricane Maria and those supplies might have saved some of them. So, the question is… Why didn’t Cruz distribute them to her constituents? Because she was too busy appearing on leftwing television. Or she wanted to make it look like the Trump administration didn’t do enough for the people of San Juan.

The New York Times reports that a local Puerto Rican radio station found the goods, melted, spoiled, and covered in rat droppings, in a parking lot outside one of Puerto Rico’s state elections offices. The goods were clearly meant to help Puerto Ricans in need, many of whom went weeks without electricity and running water last summer in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

The items, Radio Isla reports, were all private donations made by non-profits. Those items were “collected at the election commissions offices, and then distributed to the National Guard,” who gave the items to struggling residents. After the crisis subsided, though, Puerto Rico’s government officials apparently gave up on distributing supplies and left them rotting, still in their trailers, just outside their offices in San Juan.

Authorities told The New York Times that the goods had been there for “more than a year.” In one of the containers, a local official said, was “whatever was left after the National Guard left was put in those containers.”

If Soto had worked as hard for her people as she did try to blame Trump for the media… The city would’ve been much better off. She was too busy trying to promote herself then working for her people.

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