Rudy Giuliani: We Are Considering a Lawsuit Against Congressional Democrats with Adam Schiff as Principal Defendent (VIDEO)

Rudy Giuliani has announced that the Trump team is considering filing lawsuits against the imposters who keep manufacturing fake scandals and it’s no surprise that the number one target is Lying Adam Schiff.

Schiff is now facing calls for his resignation as the chairman of the House Intel Committee. He spent over 2 years insisting that he had positive proof of Russia colluding with Donald Trump.

When push came to shove, he had nada. Now, he is pushing the Ukraine hoax and he has already been caught in several lies and we are waiting to see if he helped draft the whistleblower complaint and embellished it to make it look illegal actions were taken even though none were.

From The Gateway Pundit

For the past 48 hours Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani has warned Democrats that the Trump Administration is considering a lawsuit against corrupt Congressional Democrats.

Since President Trump has entered office he has been overwhelmed with lawsuits and legal threats from Democrats and spying and lies from the Washington Deep State.

On Wednesday night Rudy Giuliani told Lou Dobbs that Rep. Adam Schiff will be a prime target in the administration’s lawsuit.

Rudy Giuliani: You’re surprised that he (Adam Schiff) once again is conspiring to level false charges against the President of the United States. The guy who claimed he had direct evidence of Russian collusion. Lied to the American people. That’s part of the other conspiracy to frame. That’s why we’re considering a lawsuit with him as one of the principal defendants individually. Remember he doesn’t have immunity when he’s off the floor of Congress. And this statement about having this evidence of Russian collusion was made to a reporter. There’s a case, Supreme Court case that says, yes, say it to Congress you’re immune. Put it in a press release, you’re liable like anybody else… We are considering a lawsuit to vindicate the constitutional rights of the president, the president’s administration, to also remedy their trampling on the civil rights of many people… In the case of (Bill) Barr they’re obstructing justice.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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