Rudy Giuliani Lists the Many Ways Mueller Is Doomed

It actually started a few days before Giuliani listed the many downfalls of Robert Mueller. Giuliani issued a challenge to Robert Mueller, put up or shut up.

Mueller is well on his way to spending 30 million dollars, without even a hint of collusion, which by the way is not a crime even if you have proof, which Mueller does not.

Mueller knows this is true and that is why he is running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying desperately to find any crime Trump might have possibly committed sometime in his life.

“I challenge Mueller to put up or shut up. You have no evidence of the President being involved in a conspiracy with anyone including Russia to hack. And you also have no evidence of collusion. It’s been 2 years so submit a report to DOJ and we will answer it.”

From The Conservative Tribune

In an appearance Tuesday on Fox News’ “Hannity,” Giuliani presented a concise list of why the investigation is a sham. Some of the points he made on the show are things he’s also noted on Twitter.

Giuliani began by explaining various ways in which, in contradiction to the way the American justice system actually works, the Mueller probe has been “an investigation in search of a crime” rather than an investigation of a crime.

First up on the list is the collusion allegation. Giuliani noted that collusion is not even a crime. This in and of itself points to what Giuliani referred to as “a completely illegitimate attempt to destroy Donald Trump.”

The second item on the list is the firing of former FBI director James Comey, which Giuliani said is also not a crime.

Then came the use of campaign contributions to pay women who accused Trump of sexual harassment. Giuliani said those payments “are not criminal. They’re not even a violation of the campaign finance law.”

The Mueller witch hunt is a joke.