REVEALED: Deep State Intel Community and Congress Colluded – Whistleblower Documents ALSO ALTERED by CRS — Likely Illegal Act

Within four days of the filing of the phony whistleblower complaint, the Deep State in the intelligence community changed the rules so that you don’t have to have first-hand knowledge of a possible crime. You can file solely on say so. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be hearsay, you can just make up anything you wish and say you want to remain anonymous.

From The Gateway Pundit

The tweets are somewhat difficult to understand so here’s a summary of what Beebe is saying:

** The Deep State changed the requirements for filling out the whistleblower form and in August allowed whistleblowers to use ‘hearsay’ when filing a complaint.  At this same time the whistleblower filled out the form slandering President Trump using hearsay. (1-6)

** The Deep State Intel community only updated their online site regarding whistleblower protections four days ago to reflect the recent changes before the recent complaint was released.  This was done in spite of zero legislative action on the related regulations. The term ‘urgent concern’ is now used 10 times in the Congressional Research Service (CRS) manual and was only used 2 times in the prior publication. (7- 10)

** The CRS also recently added wording for addressing disagreements between the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG). (11-12)

**  The CRS cites the regulations for the ICIG chapter and verse for all but 3 paragraphs in the footnotes to the CRS manual (See section 3.A.ii) which discuss the ICIG’s authority to report directly to Congress.  The CRS omits a key clause in the law related to the types of people that the ICIG can investigate.  It is related to only current or former employees of the intelligence community. (13-16)

** This is the key.  The law does not require that a whistleblower complaint of President Donald Trump be provided to Congress – as a matter of fact, only whistleblower complaints of current or former Intel community employees are to be reviewed by the ICIG and only these investigations have a requirement to be forwarded to Congress.

**  The CRS then added an editorial note that is highly debatable but comes across as fact.  It states that who makes the call on whether something is an ‘urgent concern’ is unknown.  This implies that Congress can make this call but the statute indicates that this is a decision to be made within the Intel community. (17-18)

** “Folks – this is an attempted coup!”  (19)